Thursday: IFS as Potential Treatment for Physical Illness: Healing Parts That Make Us Sick

IFS as Potential Treatment for Physical Illness: Healing Parts That Make Us Sick Richard Schwartz, PhD and Lissa Rankin, MD with Lou Lukas, MD

IFS has proven effective with medical syndromes (Shaddick et al., 2013), and in this workshop we will explore both the theory and practice around that work. Clearly, parts can affect our bodies when they have no other route to get through to us, and IFS can help them realize they don’t have to do that. Lissa Rankin, MD, the New York Times best-selling author of Mind Over Medicine, has been researching her seventh book, Sacred Medicine, for seven years. When Western medicine not only failed to help her own illness but made it worse, she began researching treatments that harnessed our minds’ innate ability to self-repair, as well how moving stuck life force through the body can potentially cure disease. Four years ago, she discovered IFS and sees it as a paradigm-shifting way to understand and integrate many healing modalities, including conventional medicine, psychotherapy, spirituality, energy healing, and shamanism. Dr. Lukas is an Associate Professor of Family Medicine who treats people with life-threatening illness and is an active faculty member for hundreds of medical students and residents. She integrates IFS principles into her work and is now looking for ways to introduce IFS to medical learners at various stages of their personal and professional development.

This workshop will explore the integration of IFS and other healing modalities, offer experiential exercises to help you learn to listen to the parts that are affecting your body and to those who know how to heal it, and increase your access to healing Self energy.