IFS Conference 2019: Friday: Plenary Session

Inner Peace Coach (IPC) Initiative in China: 

Traditionally in the Western world, IFS has been taught to and utilized by mental health professionals in a 1:1 format. 

Yet the potential of IFS resonates without borders.

In China, Hailan Family Well-being, a pioneering personal growth and transformation organization, is piloted by Dr. Hailan X. X. Guo, MD, PhD, Founder of Hailan Family Well-being, and Joy X. Y. Huang, MA.. Hailan Family Well-breing, which has endorsement from the Center of Self Leadership (CSL), is an IFS-based Inner Peace Coach (IPC) initiative that aims to bring IFS to the lay public on a grand scale.

A 320-person Introduction to IFS workshop (led by Dick Schwartz) and a 130-person retreat on Working with Exiles (led by Paul Ginter) have been successfully completed in China in 2017 and 2018. Both Dick and Paul will share their experience of bringing IFS to China. We are honored to have Dr. Hailan Guo, founder of this organization, join us from China. She will introduce the secret of effectively bringing IFS to the lay public on a grand scale via her integrated 865 Self-coaching model.