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IFS Institute is pleased to present the IFS Online Continuity Program. We created this special membership program and practitioner community to deepen the knowledge and skills of those who are enrolled in or have completed IFS Level 1 Training, and those who have already participated in the IFS Online Circle. Each month we in the IFS Online Continuity Program will come together for in-depth discussion of different applications of the IFS model, as well as other topics of high importance for IFS practitioners. 

** Note: Winter 2020 new teaching videos being accessible January 1st! **

Winter 2020 Module: IFS Treatment for Healing and Restoring Health: Freedom from Trauma, Early Adversity and Toxic Stress - Videos starting January 1st, 2020

  • Introduction to IFS for Treating Disease, Restoration of Health and Healing
  • How Burdened Parts with the Emotional and Autonomic Dysregulation from Toxic Stress, Trauma, or Unmet Core Needs Affect Health
  • Finding Parts Contributing to Health Problems and Clinical Examples
  • A Case Study in Working with Parts Related to Cancer—Finding and Working with the Parts Involved

Spring 2020 Module - Videos starting May 1st, 2020

  • Healing Cultural Trauma with IFS featuring Deran Young

Fall 2020 Module - Videos starting September 1st, 2020

  • Self-Led Sexuality: An IFS Based Model for Healing, Pleasure, and Empowerment featuring Patricia Rich

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