Does IFS Online Circle replace the Level One training?

As Richard Schwartz noted in his open letter, “the IFS Online Circle is not designed to replace the IFS level one training, which is a requirement for anyone who wants to practice IFS in clinical or professional settings. It is intended instead to provide up-to-date content to support your IFS journey, whether you are a beginner or are advanced.”

The Online Circle provides IFS education for all audiences and levels of IFS experience.  However, it is not intended to serve as a substitute or facsimile for the Level 1 training which remains the only gateway to effective practice of IFS as an IFS therapist or practitioner.  If you wish to practice the IFS model and haven’t attended an IFS level 1 training, please check our lineup of IFS Level 1 Trainings here.

The IFS Online Circle will be useful to you for 3 primary reasons:

1. This new online teaching format will give those new to the model a good introductory overview of the principles and techniques.

2. The monthly teachings and gathering is a powerful way to stay in touch on a regular basis and to be part of  the growing worldwide IFS community and to have your questions answered by me or by lead trainers.

3. You will receive our latest thinking about a variety of important topics in IFS and watch new video illustrations of those.

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