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(Almost) Everyone Experiences Addictive Processes: How IFS Offers Compassion and Clarity— and Healing

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Cece Sykes
2 Hours 43 Minutes
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Sep 27, 2019
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Feeling “addicted” to screen time, or the news cycle, or overworking, or late-night drinks, or overspending are common client complaints. The stress in their systems escalates when they find they can’t actually give this up. What does that mean? Other clients suffer with higher-risk compulsions such as heavy drinking or drug use, disordered eating, or sexually compulsive activity. These same clients may use lower-risk firefighters as well or realize they “traded addictions” and recovered from drinking issues only to find that their eating or overworking parts are escalated. This workshop will demonstrate how to apply the IFS Model to intervene effectively with both high- and low-risk addictive processes. How to track and build solid compassionate internal connections and find safe access to the exiles buried underneath are also addressed, as are redefining “resistance” and exploring how the therapist’s parts may be impacted by these entrenched systems.



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Cece Sykes is an IFS Senior Trainer and consultant with over thirty years of clinical experience with individuals, couples and families. She specializes in recovery from trauma and addictive process and her chapter “An IFS Lens on Addiction: Compassion for Extreme Parts” appears in Innovations and Elaborations in IFS (Routledge, 2016). Cece lectures and consults across the US and internationally and is widely recognized for her warmth, clarity and humor. She lives and works in the city of Chicago.

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