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IFS- Inspired Coaching: Aligning The Inner System

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Anna Tansi
8 Hours 11 Minutes
Jul 01, 2019
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Online Course


This course is recordings of a webinar series that originally aired in 2018. 

A new webinar series will be running live beginning August 4th, 2021 - Learn more about Coaching for Self Leadership: An Introduction to Internal Family Systems


No CE Credit Available

Course Outline:

Session 1: What is IFS-Inspired Coaching? 

Session 2: Mapping & Unblending Client Parts 

Session 3: Vertical Coaching & Engaging Protector Parts 

Session 4: Identifying & Managing Coaching Parts 

Session 5: Moving From Burden to Gift 

Session 6: Situational Coaching & Navigating Detours 



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Anna Tansi is a seasoned executive coach and consultant based in Hartford, CT. For close to 25 years Anna's business has focused on building leadership capability, while also coaching teams and whole systems during times of change. She designs and facilitates learning events for all levels of an organization, and whenever possible integrates her 8+ years of training and experience working with the IFS model.

Anna specializes in facilitating whole group interventions that engage large gatherings of a diverse group of employees to strengthen their ability to "see systems" - both their own inner operating system as well as the broader workplace culture they help create. Anna works within a wide range of industries including financial services, technology, healthcare, not-for-profit, and faith-based organizations.



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Hélène L - Barrydale, Western- Cape

"Thank you. I'm a registered psychologist from South-Africa. I am familiar with this model & theory, referred to as sub-selves in psychology. I've used it for years and know people can relate to it immediately. It's good that you focus on the difference between therapy and coaching. As long as coaches know when to refer, it's no problem. Even we as psychologists have to know when you to refer. It cannot be emphasized enough. "

Linda W - West Caldwell, New Jersey

"enjoyed this very much"

Kelly M - Beaumont, California

"Great course!"

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