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IFS Institute is pleased to present the IFS Online Continuity Program.

We are thrilled to be offering this one-of-a-kind online community on a global platform for practitioners who are enrolled in or have completed IFS Level 1 Training, and those who have participated in the IFS Online Circle. Over the last 3 plus years this exclusive community has grown to over 800 members!

Join a community with devoted IFS practitioners from around the world and stay connected, share ideas, and support each other as we work together to deepen our knowledge of the model. 

In the IFS Continuity Program, each month we will come together for in-depth discussion of different applications of the IFS model, as well as other topics of high importance for IFS practitioners.

You will be able to participate in LIVE monthly calls that end with a Q&A session with me and some of our most advanced trainers. A highlight for me each month will be sharing case studies and demos so that you can see the elegance and subtleties of the IFS model in action to navigate challenging clients. We will invite you to contribute case studies, and also ask for participant volunteers to demo with me.

We are thrilled to be offering this online community on a global platform for continuous learning, where practitioners around the world can stay connected, share ideas, and support each other.

With this limited-time offer, you will receive 12 months of IFS content, broken down into trimester modules.

When you join the IFS Continuity Program, you will receive the Fall 2020 (starting September 1st), Winter 2021 (starting January 1st), and Spring 2021 (starting May 1st) modules all for $496! and don't forget, you will have access to these recordings for life!

You will be part of a community of like-minded professionals all seeking to elevate their IFS treatment approach. The IFS Continuity Program is on-going, so you will stay in the program until you decide otherwise, renewing at an exclusive annual rate of $496/year.

Our program is starting very soon, so don't hesitate because enrollment will only be open for a short period of time.

We invite you to join us today.

In appreciation,

Dr. Richard Schwartz

Internal Family Systems | Online Continuity Membership

A Monthly Learning Community for IFS Trained Practitioners

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Plus, earn up to 13 CE Hours for each 4 month module!- CE Sold Separately ($47 for each 4-month module)
CE will be accessible 2-4 weeks after completion of each module.
Fall 2020 IFS Continuity Module- Self-Led Sexuality: An IFS Based Model for Healing, Pleasure, and Empowerment
Sexuality is complex and requires the harmonious functioning of many types of parts internally, interpersonally, and physically. Most of us carry at least a few sexual burdens, biases, and blind spots aquired through personal experience as well as family and cultural legacy burdens.
We may not know the difference between Part-Led and Self-Led Sexuality, or how sex can heal parts and deepen connections.
Throughout the module, Patricia Rich, LCSW, CST-S, and Dr. Richard Schwartz, founder of IFS, will guide you step by step through the latest research and techniques you need to cultivate Self-Led Sexuality for yourself and your clients. 
Together, you will dive deeply into applying IFS theory to traditional and emerging applications to heal and restore confidence in the Self.
Plus, you'll have access to 8 LIVE Teaching Calls with Dr. Richard Schwartz & Patricia Rich, each ending in a Q&A session. Get your questions answered directly! 
Month 1   Month 2
Month 3   Month 4
September 2020: BeFriend with Benefits: Exploring Sexuality Through the Lens of IFS​
  • Definition of sexuality and other key concepts
  • Relevance for IFS practitioners and therapists including common sexual issues that can arise in therapy
  • The field of sex therapy and positive sexuality: common approaches and assumptions and what IFS offers that deepens and expands these approaches
  • and more!
Live Calls:
  • 09/23/2020 Richard Schwartz Call, 4pm ET/   3pm CT / 2pm MT / 1pm PT
  • 09/11/2020 Patricia Rich Call, 1pm ET/   12pm CT /  11am MT / 10am PT 
October 2020: Who Comes? Self and Parts in the Internal Sexual System
  • Intro to the internal sexual system, how parts use sex and sexuality to do their jobs
  • A Self-Led Sexual System: roles of unburdened parts, 6 S’s of Sexual Self Energy, a model for relating sexually with Self in the lead, not being sexually broken
  • Case Examples: Different parts show up at different parts of the cycle, as well as preceding stages of initation, motivation
  • and more!
Live Calls: 
  • 10/21/2020 Richard Schwartz Call, 4pm ET/   3pm CT /  2pm MT / 1pm PT
  • 10/09/2020 Patricia Rich Call, 1pm ET/   12pm CT /  11am MT / 10am PT
November 2020: Embracing Your Self: Therapist Parts Related to Sexuality
  • Barriers, Biases and Blind spots
  • Sample sexual assessment questions: See what it feels like to be asked questions, to imagine asking the questions
  • Therapist parts when therapist has experienced sexual trauma or other adverse sexual experiences
  • and more!
Live Calls: 
  • 11/11/2020 Richard Schwartz Call, 4pm ET/   3pm CT /  2pm MT / 1pm PT
  • 11/20/2020 Patricia Rich Call, 1pm ET/   12pm CT / 11am MT / 10am PT
December 2020: Learning to L.U.S.T. (Love your Unblended Sexual Team)
  • Model of Internal Consent and Interactive Consent
  • Using the 6 S’s of Sexual Self Energy for mindfulness, presence and pleasure
  • Parts in relation to fantasy, taboo, how much pleasure is allowed, sexual scripts and repertoire
  • and more!
Live Calls: 
  • 12/16/2020 Richard Schwartz Call,  4pm ET/   3pm CT /  2pm MT / 1pm PT
  • 12/11/2020 Patricia Rich Call, 1pm ET/   12pm CT / 11am MT / 10am PT​​

What do we have planned for the start of 2021? Don't forget, these modules are also included in the low price of $496!

We have a very exciting line-up of teachings planned and in the coming modules:

  • Winter 2021 Module (January-April):
    • Trauma and the Addictive Process, An IFS Lens featuring the work of Dr. Frank Anderson and Cece Sykes, LCSW.
  • Spring 2021 Module (May-August):
    • Trailheads to Transformation featuring the work of Mariel Pastor, M.A.

Each 4 month module is approved for 13 CEs, or 39 CEs for an entire year, which you can purchase for a nominal fee. You will be able to access your CE 2-4 weeks after the completion of each module.

We are also pleased to share with the professional therapy community the exciting news that the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy is now posted on National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP) as an evidence-based practice.

Internal Family Systems | Online Continuity Membership

A Monthly Learning Community for IFS Trained Practitioners

Registration is now closed for this module. Join waiting list below.

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Plus, earn up to 13 CE Hours per 4-month module CE Sold Separately ($47 for each 4-month module)
CE will be accessible 2-4 weeks after completion of each module.
"In a complex world, systems thinking is the tool of choice. To my knowledge, it has never before been put to such good use as it has in Richard Schwartz's model of the Internal Family Systems." – Ron Kurtz, B.A., Developer of the Hakomi Method of Body Centered Psychotherapy
Internal Family Systems | Online Continuity Membership
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The Next Steps in Advancing Your Practice
Watch your email for your order confirmation — all designed to help you effectively integrate using IFS into your practice and your life. Click here for course objectives and outline.
Review the course materials at your own pace and at your convenience after module release! You'll have unlimited access to all course videos and materials online forever.
Instantly collaborate with other professionals on the course materials through interactive message boards. You'll be part of a community of hundreds of practitioners all focused on advancing their IFS practice, providing valuable opportunities to share insight and experiences and to build your professional network.
Complete your online CE tests and earn up to 13 CE hours CE is sold separately ($47 for each 4-month module).
About the IFS Founder and Contributing Lead Trainer
Richard Schwartz

Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D., Founder IFS

Richard Schwartz began his career as a systemic family therapist and an academic and he                                      is now on the Faculty of the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He is also                                    a Senior Fellow of the Meadows treatment center in Arizona. Grounded in systems thinking,                                    Dr. Schwartz developed the Internal Family Systems model (IFS) model in response to                                            clients’ descriptions of various parts within themselves. In 2000, he founded the Center for                                      Self Leadership (, which offers three levels of trainings and                                                workshops in IFS for professionals and the general public, both in this country and                                                  abroad. A featured speaker for national professional organizations, Dr. Schwartz has                                              published many books and over fifty articles about IFS.

Deran Young

Patricia Rich, LCSW, CST-S

When Patty first became interested in IFS, she thought it would be useful in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. Then, as she learned the model she got curious about how sexuality “lives” in the internal system. Now she believes that IFS is not only extremely useful in the healing of sexual dysfunction and trauma, but also that IFS offers a gateway to fabulous, intimate, sexual relating for anyone. She brought her insights to the IFS Annual Conference first as a half day session and then as a full day Pre-Conference workshop where she received much encouragement to continue to develop her creative approach. She is very pleased to have the opportunity through the Online Continuity Program to further share this evolving journey. She invites participants to Learn to L.U.S.T. (Love your Unblended Sexual Team) for their own benefit as well as that of their clients.

Patricia Rich, LCSW, CST-S is a Certified IFS Therapist and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Supervisor. She fell in love with IFS in 2011 and has since completed Levels 1, 2 and 3, served as a Program Assistant and offered IFS workshops. She founded The Relating Well Center, LLC, a relationship and sexuality focused private practice in the Philadelphia area where she welcomes clients and consultees of diverse ethnicities, sexual orientations and genders. Learn more about her offerings at


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-Dr. Richard Schwartz

Internal Family Systems | Online Continuity Membership
A Monthly Learning Community for IFS Trained Practitioners
Registration is now closed for this module. Join waiting list below.
Plus, earn up to 13 CE Hours for each 4 month module!- CE Sold Separately ($47 for each 4-month module)
CE will be accessible 2-4 weeks after completion of each module.
NOTE: No additional discounts or coupons may be applied to this course.
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