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Brian Jaudon

IFS Coach


Brian Jaudon is a gifted organizational and executive coach based in Greenville, South Carolina. He specializes in senior leadership team development - specifically, eliciting true alignment around the organization's mission, strategy and gifts. Brian quickly diagnoses misalignments in the system and helps his clients identify the mindset, narrative and behaviors needed for mission fulfillment and high performance.

Brian draws on his extensive training in the IFS model - including Levels I and II and the Self Leadership With Emotional Intelligence Training with Inge and Thomas Dietz from Germany. He also incorporates his training in Bert Hellinger's Constellation work as well many other models. Brian is co-author of the courses The Power of Self Leadership and The Leader as Coach.<


IFS- Inspired Coaching: Aligning The Inner System

Anna Tansi |  Brian Jaudon
8 Hours 11 Minutes
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Online Course
$197.00 Standard - $247.00

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